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I am a fine art wedding photographer specialising in film photography. I'm based in Oxford, but have been blessed by my work taking me across three continents so far. I am moved by the ideal of a unified humankind and always seek an emotional connection between myself and the beautiful and diverse people I have the privilege to meet and photograph. For me, nothing is more rewarding than using my visual sensibility to document the heart of human experience and tell the story of two people's love for one another.

Photography is my way to find stillness and clarity in myself and this helps me to connect with my surroundings in a highly intuitive way. I have always been drawn to people as my subject and have an instinct for subtlety and for finding a sense of vulnerability and inner stillness in others. When I am photographing a wedding, I like to do so in the same way. Discreet enough to allow me to capture the most authentic reality of your day whilst remaining quietly connected to the moments which are most personally important to you.

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